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The RiVillage Experiment

The term ‘American Experiment’ refers to the United States’ putting to the test the prohibition of the two favorite crimes of all known governments: the seizure of private property without adequate compensation, and the invasion of the citizen’s liberty without justifiable cause. Regardless of the outcomes of this test, there is no denying that the results, like that of an experiment, serve as a lesson to better future conduct.

The RiVillage Experiment seeks to answer a similar question, this time through the lens of a single individual’s social life. The two favorite crimes of all families are the imposition of metrics, a collection of standards, and persistent Micromanagement, supervising at an unnecessary level of detail. Metrics imposition is the act of one party forcing another to think using the context of their logic, even though both have different upbringings, leaving one’s upbringing completely unconsidered. Micromanagement, though not a negative act in and of itself, creates an environment in which the possibility of growth is greatly restricted when someone is unrelentingly instructed to perform very specific actions without knowing why, leaving little chance for personal growth. The experiment of RiVillage is to see the outcome of removing these two constraints from an individual’s life. | Tell me more

Where do you think your life would be if you didn’t grow up with these two constraints?

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Alec renamed “RiVillage Experiment” to “World Experiment”. Before we had a chance to document that decision, Nick saw that the phrase has been used many times all over the Web for various purposes. On 9/2/2020, we decided to rename it again to “Thumoslang Experiment”. This paragraph documents the decision and this video here captures the idea behind the experiment. | Tell me more



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