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The Last Clueless Teenager

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As of 9/13/2020, the first two chapters of the book The Last Clueless Teenager have been released on channel Ri4CTV at Patreon.

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The first chapter is presented below. To read the rest of the book, go to Patreon.com/Ri4CTV. Click here to go there.

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The group Clue Project is responsible for writing the book The Last Clueless Teenager. Click here for an overview of the project.

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RiVillage Slingshot Group (RSG) is the owner of the book The Last Clueless Teenager. Click here for more information about RSG.

Chapter 1 | Why Does It Hurt Not to Know?

The unfortunate circumstance that just about every teenager finds  themselves in at some point is the realization that their social life is  much closer to empty than full, and worse, that this had been the case  for so long without their knowledge. Your social life is empty when it  has no meaningful relationships, each of which is necessary to shorten  the distance between your life and your ideals. The lack of such  awareness can be found in all people of all ages who do not know how to  answer many of the questions such as those listed below.

  • What is a relation; what is a relationship; what are the differences between the two?
  • On which day does a relation begin or end; on which day does a relationship begin or end?
  • Which current relationships are meaningful to your life, and why?
  • Which relationships are missing from your life, and why?
  • How should one go about starting a new relation, relationship?
  • How could one make an existing relationship more meaningful?

Many of such relationship-anatomy questions are addressed by this book as well as by its complimentary online course “Relationship Slingshot”. Both are based on various videos published on Ri4CTV at YouTube as well as the 2017 book, Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, sometimes herein referred to as the Original Thumos Book, which is written by my friend and mentor Nickantony Quach and his coauthor Mark Canny.

All that is written in the original Thumos book is together referred  to as the Thumos Philosophy. Its nomenclature is called Thumoslang,  which names all the concepts used in the philosophy. All concepts found  in this book are presented using terms as defined by the nomenclature.  Each of its concepts is specified by a thumbnail definition, which is  expressed using  a thumbnail syntax. Here is the first example of a  thumbnail definition.

  • Thumbnail; that means, brief but concise.

Here is the second example of a thumbnail.

  • Definition; that means, explanation of meaning.

Here is the third example.

  • Meaning; that means, description of importance.

Let’s put all three together. A thumbnail definition is a brief but  concise explanation of what makes a concept important. Here is a  practical thumbnail.

  • Success; that means, peer recognition.

It’s easy to miss the implication of this concept. If you want to  become successful in a specialized field, you must know who your peers  are in that field. As soon as many of them officially recognize a piece  of work carried out by you, you achieve success for that piece of work.

Such precision as demonstrated above is what it takes to address all  the questions related to the anatomy of relationship. Better  relationships are the main reason for the existence of Thumoslang.

Better relationships are the best way to accelerate towards your  ideals, in order to actualize your ideal self and reach what you truly  want to become. “Everything else is secondary,” said Steve Jobs. In  other words, to fully live your life according to your own desires, and  not according to those of others–including family and friends–you must  become a master of relationships, a Bruce Lee of social life. How? The  answer lies behind this page. Here is a foretaste.

If you want to become successful in any specialized field, you must  first and foremost understand how to use its nomenclature, which  determines how things are named in that field. If you want to become a  master of relationships, you must speak the nomenclature for social  life. That’s Thumoslang!

It hurts not to know how to use Thumoslang nomenclature while dealing  with others. As the architecture of social logic, it lets you analyze  in a hurry what your family and friends have to say about you, in order  to ensure that their influences are reducing–and not increasing–the  distance between you and what you truly want to become.

I, Alec Mustafayev, am the first who, from high school on, grew up  with Thumoslang, which did not exist before 2017, and I’m thus obligated  to pass it on, through the use of my story in this book. You can use  Thumoslang to tell your story and become one of the last  people who are  clueless when it comes to social life. I do, too, want to use it and  become one of the last people who do not know how to accelerate towards  their ideals regardless of their circumstances, and especially ideals  involving their own family and friends.

The Rest of the Book

To read the rest of the book, go to Patreon.com/Ri4CTV. Click here to go there.


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