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Solidarity Push

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Coined by a local skateboarder named Ben, the phrase “Solidarity Push” is short for “A Community Push of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter”, which is an event organized by @friendsofadrianhall. It was not well advertised until a few days before the event took place; see the following post.

On the first day of summer in 2020, many from the Providence, Rhode Island skateboarding community staged the event Solidarity Push. They rode their skateboard, bicycle, and the likes from the Neutaconkanut Park on the west side of town to their Trinity Skatespot downtown. The images from this event were so powerful to several of the locals that they changed their sense of history and gave birth to their brand-new community: RiVillage (pronounced as Are-Eye-Village).

The main gateway to RiVillage is channel Ri4CTV on Instagram, where you can find this IGTV video here. It shows many skateboarders resting at the skatepark downtown right after the long ride. Several pieces of casual footage taken of the event are also presented in this IGTV video here by @uniboiz.

As the skateboarders passed along on Broadway Street, see the above photo, they were captured on film by the YouTube channel Ri4CTV, then in the video by the same name – Solidarity Push, which turned out to be Episode 1 in Season 1 of the all-new YouTube series Tales of Trinity. It’s shown as Video #1 below. It’s the video that changed the world, at least, that of ours. It’s now the introductory video for new visitors to the YouTube channel Ri4CTV.

As shown in the above image, the locals like the video so much that they at times set up a watch party in person or online to recall the event that gave birth to a greater community. Click here to see a watch party at play on the historical event Solidarity Push; see Video #2 below.

For those who are curious, the background music played in the video is the theme song from Ri4CTV. Click here to learn more about the Ri4CTV theme music.

Many photos taken during Solidarity Push are posted on this page here at Ri4C.com/TOT. One of the photos best representing the event is this one here. Click here to see how it is highlighted by a video post on the Instagram channel Ri4CTV.

In the middle of this photo here is the above image, which shows a bicycle rider pulling a skateboarder who was holding the BLM sign. The bicyclist is Jerry (@jerrangutang), the organizer of @pedalforpeacepvd. For a closer look, view this photo here. Both the organizer and the organization are introduced by the video Introducing Pedal for Peace PVD, which is Episode 2 in Season 1 of the YouTube series Tales of Trinity. It’s shown as Video #3 below.

Eight days before the event Solidarity Push, Jerry organized a bicycle ride for Pedal For Peace PVD (@pedalforpeacepvd) supporting Black Lives Matter. The ride was to go from India Point Park in Providence to Colt State Park in Bristol, 16 miles away. Joining at the start are Jaychele Schenck and Isabella Indellicati, the two fifteen-year-olds who are co-founders of the Gen-Z: We Want To Live (@GenZWWTL). In front of the bicyclists, they each gave a speech. Both speeches were captured by the same video, Video #3 below: Introducing Pedal for Peace PVD. That was 24 hours before the two young ladies brought about this protest event outside the Rhode Island State House. Before you continue reading this article, you may want to watch the following 15-second video to see them in action at the protest.

Inspired by the above-mentioned events as they played out during the month of June 2020, and with help from Ri4CTV, RiVillage was conceived. To be sure, you’re reading its history in the booklet whose title is Village Stroll.

Source: Tales of Trinity | Birth of RiVillage

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Video #1 | Solidarity Push

Video #2 | A Watch Party of the Solidarity Push Video

Video #3 | Introducing Pedal for Peace PVD

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