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Meet Alec Mustafayev

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Title: Meet Alec Mustafayev
Subtitle: The Last Clueless Teenager
Author: Nickantony Quach
Published: 2021

We live in the most powerful country on Earth but there’s nothing special about how we treat each other. We can do better. How?

For the answer, read this book.

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Table of Contents

Chapter Abstract
1 | Introduction The knowledge in this book will provide you with easy-to-use empirical tools for reducing the unavoidable cost in relationships and opportunities throughout your journey in life.
2 | Ri4CTV In a video on Ri4CTV, Alec challenges Americans to do better in treating each other.
3 | Fame Having a hard time to make your ideals understood is a failure in social life. Lack of fame is only a symptom. Until it’s resolved, the consequences are long lasting.
4 | Ambiguity The number one reason most relationships break down is ambiguity. Without social clarity, and thus with ambiguity, you may be wasting a great deal of effort in your social life. Widespread use of social clarity is what it takes to achieve Humanity Level 2.0.
5 | Explicicity How do you know what to say to ensure that the person you’re talking to explicitly knows what you mean, and not what they think you mean? This chapter tells you exactly what the tool you use to accomplish this is, and how it works.
6 | Drama The concept that gets you started on your journey towards social clarity is the focus of this chapter. The chapter will send its readers down this road once they learn how to discharge the skill of this concept.
7 | Thumoslang The power of Thumoslang was first demonstrated in August 2019 during the second conversation lasting three hours between its creator and a professional salesman.


Cover page | Gift Collection One

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