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If you want others to love you, the first step is to show them how to respect you. If you want others to respect you, the first step is to show them how to avoid interfering with your life. If you want others to avoid interfering with your life, the first step is to make them understand your ideals, also known as your ideal self or what you truly want to become.

If you want to make others understand your ideals, the first step is to learn how to express your ideals in full but explicitly. The best way to explicitly express your ideals is through the use of Thumoslang as its mission is social clarity. To avoid wasting a great deal of effort in your social life, you need to have social clarity. This has been explained in Chapter 4.

The nomenclature known as Thumoslang was first defined by the 2017 book THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration. The importance of Thumoslang in the greatest context has been explained by the earlier Chapter 4. In the future, history will likely compare the widespread use of Thumoslang with the widespread control of fire.

As stated by Chapter 5, the thorough understanding of a particular situation in your social life is brought about only by the reasoning carried out by a solid social logic. The level of social clarity depends on the strength of social logic. What makes Thumoslang the most powerful nomenclature for social life is its architecture of social logic, which is made of strictly falsifiable but easy-to-use thumbnail definitions.

The power of Thumoslang was first demonstrated in August 2019 during the second conversation between its creator Nickantony Quach and the 25-year-old professional salesman Ifeanyi Onyekaba. The entire three-hour conversation was fully captured by the YouTube series Thumoslang101. How the 20-year-old Jairson Ascencao reacted to every minute of the series was captured by Thumoslang102.

“I was surprised by how quickly [Nickantony was] able to sharpen the blade of [Ifeanyi’s] mind,” said Jairson in, as presented below, Episode 21 of Thumoslang102. “What I meant by that is, [Ifeanyi] was able to hone in very quickly and realize some really important things about himself in the span of three hours.”

“I’ve spent so much time in school and never seen someone be able to grow that much that quickly,” explained Jairson. “What surprised me the most was how much I was able to see him grow.”

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