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3 | Fame

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As children, the people we look up to are famous, which is why we want to become famous even into adulthood. Then, just as now, becoming famous is impossible without help. With better relationships, especially those in the same group, you can be greatly accelerated towards your ideals. As one group, such as our immediate family, fails to make us famous, we long for being part of another group that can succeed, such as our friends.

When a group happens to make us feel good, we settle for the provided comfort and let go of the original desire. This is why most of us choose to live our life by default, rarely by design. This is how you give up your ideals and compromise your life’s mission.

As the earlier failures of your life sink in over the years, it becomes easy to blame everyone around you for things turning out this way. It is true that they did not help you effectively, but that is not their fault. It is also true that most people would help if they know how they could do so. This happens because you probably have a hard time making your ideals understood in the first place. That’s a failure in social life. Until it’s resolved, the consequences are long lasting.

As we grow older, we become more practical. Most of us give up on the idea of ever being famous. It’s hard enough to survive. Nearly everyone will not end up being celebrities. Then, just as now, survival is impossible without help. Most people cannot survive without help from either the employer they work for or the customer they service. Working in or with a group is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Usually long after graduation is when most of us understand fully the importance of success in social life.

Is it too late to realize your dreams? The short answer for almost everyone is; no, it’s not too late. The long answer is explored by our podcast The Last Clueless Teenager.

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