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The ‘4C’ in Ri4CTV means foreseeing and thus foresight. Ri4CTV stands for Rhode Island Foresight Television. At first, Ri4CTV was just a YouTube channel. Later, it’s also a channel on Patreon, Instagram, and elsewhere. Visitors to those channels as well as their subscribers, followers, and patrons make up the Greater Foresight Community. Its first chapter is called RiVillage as it is based in Rhode Island. Its gateway is the channel Ri4CTV on Instagram. All are listed on the RiVillage Directory.

The channel Ri4CTV on YouTube is where you can find all videos used to support the knowledge presented by The Last Clueless Teenager. The first of those videos is shown below.

“We live in the most powerful country on Earth but there’s nothing special about how we treat each other,” said the 18-year-old Alec Mustafayev in the 15-second trailer.

“We can do better. How?” Asked Alec. “That’s the idea behind our podcast The Last Clueless Teenager.”

As implied by their titles, you should find many parallels between this book and the podcast The Last Clueless Teenager, which starts with the following video, on YouTube at this location here.

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