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1 | Introduction

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The social world is one of the most complicated realms the average person deals with, and being a part of it is unavoidable. If you’re not prepared to deal with its various complexities, you’re vulnerable to making mistakes that may cost you relationships and opportunities. Worse, in certain cases, you may never know of such losses.

From the following pages, you will learn how to systematically create better relationships and subconsciously entice greater opportunities, not only for yourself but also for others around you. Instead of vague suggestions, as presented by typical self-help books or as found in a subjective advice somewhere online, the knowledge in this book will provide you with easy-to-use empirical tools for handling situations in your social life.

This book cannot be presented entirely as a print copy because it is written such that you the reader can take full advantage of its hyperlinks. As its title implies, it invites you to meet and thus contact its subject: Alec Mustafayev (right), pronounced: Must-AH-FY-ev. He is literally the teenager in the podcast The Last Clueless Teenager.

This book also invites you to meet and thus contact its author: Nickantony Quach (left), Alec’s friend and mentor. They were introduced to one another by their mutual friend Jairson Ascencao, who often assisted them with the making of their podcast as well as the writing of their book by the same name, The Last Clueless Teenager.

They and their associates would like to make themselves available to you in support of your new journey in life. For one, they would be happy to show how you can join the community in which you can meet others who are also on a similar life  journey.

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