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The Greater Foresight Community (GFC), also known as the Greater Community of Ri4CTV, is planned to become the worldwide association of all organizations interested in the making of a new humanity that is known as Humanity Level 2.0 (HL2). In this context, the pronoun “we” without any qualification should refer to lovers of humanity. To find us all, search for #gfc4hl2.

We do not speak the same language. We do not have the same upbringing. We do not pursuit the same set of ideals. How could we ever understand one another fully? The answer is Thumoslang!

Thumoslang is not a language like English or Esperanto. It’s the nomenclature for social life. It’s the system of naming all concepts consequential to the creation and maintenance of human relations and thus relationships. With help by lovers of humanity from all over, Thumoslang should eventually be available in every major spoken language. Click here if you would like to pitch in and help us.

As of this writing, with a lot help from his friend and mentor Nickantony Quach, Alec Mustafayev is writing The Last Clueless Teenager. It’s one of several online books listed by the Horace Library which is provided by the channel Ri4CTV on Patreon. The main purpose of the book is to teach Thumoslang. Click here for its first chapter and start reading.

Alec Mustafayev (right) and his friend and mentor  Nickantony Quach

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