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RiVillage is the idea of making life easier for everyone by giving them a way to be more than just strangers to each other. | Tell me more

The term ‘American Experiment’ refers to the United States’ putting to the test the prohibition of the two favorite crimes of all known governments: the seizure of private property without adequate compensation, and the invasion of the citizen’s liberty without justifiable cause. The RiVillage Experiment seeks to answer a similar question, this time through the lens of a single individual’s social life. The two favorite crimes of all families are the imposition of metrics, a collection of standards, and persistent Micromanagement, supervising at an unnecessary level of detail. | Tell me more

Investors and conductors of the ‘American Experiment’ created a great deal of wealth for their followers as well as their family and friends. As a matter of course, the wealth is later inherited by their descendants in the United States. Investors and conductors of the RiVillage Experiment will likewise profit from their work. Now is the best time to join them. | Tell me more

RiVillage Visitor Information Center

Above in red shirt is Miles Chavarria, who rode in the skateboarding event Solidarity Push during the reopening of Providence. He is one of the earliest participants of RiVillage. Now is the best time to join them. | Tell me more

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