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RiVillage, pronounced Rhode Island Village, is a village by design. Its earlier, experimental version is called Providence Haven, also known as, Haven Village. Design details are spelled out by this article here.

RiVillage is designed to become a new type of village for humanity. This is where you can speed up your lifelong journey towards, long before you fully comprehend, your ideals. This is where you can learn how to express and exercise your ideals.

Your ideals matter!

That’s our slogan because, again, your ideals matter! With help from others in RiVillage, you can tell your story and share your ideals on our YouTube channel Ri4CTV. When your friends and family understand your ideals, they know how to avoid interfering with your life. When people know how to avoid interfering with your life, they know how to respect you. As respect is the most fundamental element of love, when others understand how to respect you, they know how to appropriately love you.[1]

The online community RiVillage facilitates the turning of individuals into creators, creators into organizers, and organizers into leaders. Front and center for them all is the process of learning how to express their ideals using Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social life.[2]

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[1]Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration (2017 book)

[2]What is Thumoslang? More Relationships with Far Less Effort (2020 article)