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RiVillage is the idea of making life easier for everyone by giving them a way to be more than just strangers to each other. Its gateway is Ri4CTV on Instagram, and its home is what you see before you.

When first looking for work, you may find yourself walking into a restaurant and asking to speak to the manager. If you are, unlike a stranger, recognized in a positive light, your chance of getting the job is much greater.

When you have no income, as reminded by the above example, what you desire most is to have a job, which would make that desire part of your ideals.

Your ideals matter!

The reason that is our slogan is because your friends and family need to understand your ideals to know how to avoid interfering with what you do and thus respect your life fully. After all, respect is necessary for love.

RiVillage is named so because it is our ideal version of Rhode Island. RiVillage is where and how its residents can become more than strangers to each other.

RiVillage becomes a successful project when the idea is also adopted by the people of another jurisdiction outside of Rhode Island.

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