Your ideals matter!

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Your ideals matter!

That’s our slogan here at RiVillage. In search of the shortest path towards their ideals is the biggest reason why people join RiVillage. All the ideals you have together are referred to as your ideal self, which is what you truly want to become. “Everything else is secondary,” said Steve Jobs.

The fastest way to discover your ideal self is to help others discovering theirs. The most effective way to help others is to speak to them using Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social life.

All participants in RiVillage are asked to become fluent in Thumoslang. Fluency in Thumoslang is what it takes for others to discharge full respect to your ideals. This requirement is paramount because, to all in RiVillage, your ideals matter.

To get started, read the book The Primer for Fellowship – A Guide to Relationship Cultivation. This book is part of Gift Collection One, which is what it takes to get others started in learning how to fully discharge their respect to all your ideals.

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Introducing Yumboys

Yumboys was declared as the name of the group on October 26, 2020, when its three members Kaiden Davock, Ben Burns, and Ethan Deviveiros were at once discovered by Ri4CTV.

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